Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quick Hits on Northern Arizona Coaching Search

From CBS Sports:

Out: Mike Adras - Resigned after a 2-7 start with the Lumberjacks this season, his 13th as the head coach Adras was an assistant with the program for seven years and took over when Ben Howland left for Pittsburgh. He was 193-170 in his 12-plus seasons.

In: Dave Brown (interim)

Potential candidates: Jay John (Cal), Scott Pera (Arizona State), Jack Murphy (Memphis), David Grace (Oregon State), Jerry Carrillo (Cochise College)

What we think: Brown isn't getting the gig. The Lumberjacks need to get a young, go-getter and guys like Pera, Murphy and Grace all fit the bill.

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1 comment:

  1. Jay John? Yikes! He was horrible at Oregon State. Even though he had the resources and advantages of recruiting to a Pac 10 program, his final season still saw him lose to Montana State, Tennessee Tech, and Alaska Fairbanks! I don't see him beating these team once he has the same - or less - resources as they do.