Friday, March 16, 2012

Weber State Gets Raw Deal in CIT

Weber State won their opener in the tournament on Tuesday night, and it was assumed that they would get another home game.

After all, they won 25 games, have the best player in the tournament, have the best RPI of any team in the tournament (I believe), and had the best opening round attendance.  However, they will be going on the road on Sunday to play Loyola Marymount.

Weber State drew 2,334 fans to their opener, while LMU drew 1,161 fans. For the year, Weber State consistently drew fans much better than LMU. Once again, they have the better record, better RPI, and better star player. There is no reason that they should be going on the road for a game like this.

End of rant.

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    "However, a “scheduling conflict” would not allow Weber State to host a second-round game, and geographic concerns — combined with a desire to preserve a potential Weber State-Utah State game — left no choice but to pit the conference foes (Utah State and Idaho) against each other, Dwyer said."