Thursday, March 22, 2012

Note on Northern Arizona Coaching Search

I asked Coaching Rumors if they had any insight into the open Northern Arizona head coaching position, and they had this to say:

NAU Oregon St AC David Grace, and Vance Walberg has been rumored.
Still not hearing anything definitive, so we will see what happens. They have had a lot of time to look, but haven't heard nearly the amount of chatter out of Flagstaff that we heard from Idaho State and their coaching search.

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  1. Has NAU hired a new athletic director yet? That still might be first on their plate, but the basketball program may suffer because of it.

    SUU has been tight lipped as well, but they at least acknowledge they have been "searching."


  3. Coaching Rumors has no idea what they are talking about. His info is terrible.

  4. Do you have any info Rocky? I personally haven't heard really anything about the coaching search...

  5. NAU hired an Athletic Director. That's at least a start in the right direction.


  6. Grace would be a great hire...........