Monday, December 17, 2012

Eastern Washington Likes to Shoot Threes

Since the start of the Jim Hayford era last season, Eastern Washington has been a team that loves the three ball. Last, year, they were tied for fourth in the country in three point attempts per game. This year, they will be first after Monday night's game.

In tonight's game against UC Davis (an 87-65 loss), EWU took it to an extreme unlike that which you usually see. Here is a look at the boxscore.

3/19 on two-pointers
8/10 on free throws
17/41 on three-pointers

No, that is not a typo. At the half they were 10/24 from downtown, and 1/10 from inside the arc.

The funny thing is, hoisting up that many shots wasn't the reason they lost. When you shoot 41.5% from the outside, it is good to shoot a lot. The bigger reason was that they were shooting bricks inside, and couldn't get to the line (which, I will grant, is a function of shooting so many threes). Their defense wasn't so good either.

 But that is a shooting disparity you don't see much in basketball.

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