Friday, December 14, 2012

James Douglas Struggling Post-Northern Arizona

One interesting thing about Idaho State's loss to Cal State Fullerton last night was another look at former Northern Arizona guard James Douglas.

Douglas was one of the best freshmen in the conference last year, scoring 11.8 games for the Lumberjacks. He made 38% of his threes, and played 29.1 minutes per game. This year for the Titans, he is playing a lot less (about 14 minutes per game), and not really showing that he should be playing a lot more. His ORtg has dropped from 96.9 to 77.9, partially because his turnover rate has more than doubled. There may be some sample size issues, but it is still a rough beginning.

Douglas is a talented guy, and I am sure he will go on to have a fine career for the Titans. In the end, this may work out for the best. Douglas wouldn't have had the same role this year as he did last year, and judging by the recruiting classes brought in by new head coach Jack Murphy, he is probably not losing any sleep over the transfer.

The lesson though, I think, is that life is always better in the Big Sky.

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