Friday, August 12, 2011

6 North Dakota Students Sue The School Over Nickname

I think it is time for them to retire the nickname, but this seems a little bit silly.

FARGO, N.D. -- Six American Indian students at the University of North Dakota filed a federal lawsuit Thursday asking to eliminate the school's Fighting Sioux nickname, one day before state officials are scheduled to meet with NCAA officials about the moniker.

The complaint alleges that a new law requiring the school to keep the nickname violates the state constitution and reverses a court-ordered settlement between UND and the NCAA that retired the logo. The students want a court order directing the state Board of Higher education and UND to drop it for good.
As an alum, this debate has raged on for a long time, but I have to say this is the first time I have heard something of this nature:

In addition to their complaints about the state law and settlement agreement, the suit alleges that the nickname has had "a profoundly negative impact" on their self-image and psychological health, and has deprived them "of an equal educational experience and environment."
And once again, this is relevant to the Big Sky because of this:

The Big Sky Conference, which UND hopes to join next year, wants the issue resolved and said it could create problems with the school's conference membership.
I think I speak for a growing number of UND fans that think the time has come to retire the nickname. No matter how much pride many alumni (like myself) have in the nickname and believe that it stands for honor, pride, and integrity, there are simply not a lot of positive that can come from continuing the fight to keep the nickname.


  1. Has there been any indication as to what the new nickname would be?

  2. Nope. They used to be the Flickertails way back in the day, and so that was tossed around informally a little, but I haven't really heard any other serious possibilities.

    I think the University has been in the "We don't want to think about what the new nickname would be because that would mean we are accepting the fact that we will need a new nickname" Stage. So it has been a little messed up.

    My personal preference would be for no new nickname. Just The University of North Dakota. Would be radical, but I think that would be a good choice. Anything else will feel weird.

  3. The name will not be Flickertails, even Robert O Kelley has said it himself.

  4. Yeah, couldn't see UND alums accepting such a "wimpy" nickname anyway.

    Literally anything they choose will sound weird right away... It will certainly be very interesing. Have you heard much about the meeting they had on Friday?

  5. I haven't heard anything about the meeting on Friday, but I have heard that tribal members that are for the name might file a lawsuit against the NCAA.

  6. This is stupid all thoses students are doing is making us proud native americans look like a bunch of whining wimps! University of North Dakota is fighting for the right to represent the Sioux Nation in a positive light, not negative! They are proud to call themselves Sioux and I applaud them for it. Last time I checked how many Irish-Americans are lined up boycotting Notre Dame? How many Polynesians are boycotting the warriors nickname in Hawaii and the man dressed up like a Warrior? Better yet,how about all the farmers of Nebraska boycotting the Corn Huskers? Personally I wish all the animals would boycott their respective mascots! This why America is a going down the toilet we are to worried about being offensive and now we have just become a weak little P.C. Country!