Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Unscrupulousness In College Basketball

By now you have heard of the Yahoo! Sports article on the athletic programs at the University of Miami, including allegations made about then Miami (now Missouri) coach Frank Haith.

BIAH has tracked how this could affect college hoops. To quote CBS Sports' Matt Norlander:

It could absolutely get him fired from Missouri, should more information get uncovered.
This is the type of stuff that you rarely see in mid-major college basketball, which is why a lot of people (myself included) love it so much.

No one will come out of this scandal looking good.


  1. Could Miami be facing the "death penalty," or will the NCAA ever go to such extremes again?

  2. Hard to say... I would say I doubt they will go to such extremes, but still have to feel for Jim Larranagga, he has suddenly walked into a mess.

    Also have to wonder if Frank Haith's days will be numbered at Missouri...