Saturday, October 22, 2011

Athlon & Lindy's Previews Are Out

Information from Weber Hoops, which has diligently reported on what the magazines are saying.

The most interesting part is their predicted order of finish, which I am not getting format well, so check it out over at their site. Two things that stand out as strange to me are Northern Colorado being ranked as high as three on one (not sure you would find many Big Sky insiders thinking that right now), and Eastern Washington as low as seven (I am seeing a lot of people with them as high as three).

It is also interesting how quickly things can get outdated. Two examples... one is the injury to Gabe Rogers, and what that does to NAU and to his spot on conference teams. Another is that Antonio Biglow is out for at least the first semester. One magazine picked him as the newcomer of the year in the Conference.

For a lot of fans, these magazines might provide the only information they know about the Big Sky, so it is interesting to see what they are saying.


  1. Eastern Washington will not finish 7th in the Big Sky. Too much talent and a coach that knows how to win games.

  2. Agreed with you... I've got them fourth.