Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Damian Lillard's Rehab From A Foot Injury

If you are curious to see some of the drills a guy would go through rehabbing a foot injury, be curious no more. Weber State has posted a video of some of the rehab of Damian Lillard, and he definitely looks strong.

I haven't heard one negative story about Lillard's recovery, and that is scary news for the Big Sky. Weber State could have three players on the first team Big Sky, and they will be the favorites to win the Conference.


  1. Aside from strengthening his core and putting on muscle, he also increased his explosiveness by using plyometric training. His rehab paid off and now he has returned from a foot injury.

  2. At least he's on his way to recover. It may take some time before he can gain back his game performance.