Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome To Rush The Court Readers

Sometime Thursday by Big Sky Primer will be posted over at Rush The Court, which will hopefully bring some new and exciting people to the site. If you are just visiting (or even if you come here often), here are a few things to help you find items that may interest you.

Posts relating to each team:
- Eastern Washington Posts
- Idaho State Posts
- Montana Posts
- Montana State Posts
- North Dakota Posts
- Northern Arizona Posts
- Northern Colorado Posts
- Portland State Posts
- Sacramento State Posts
- Southern Utah Posts
- Weber State Posts

A few other notable posts:
- Does the Big Sky have an attendance problem?
- A look at the coaches of the Big Sky
- A look at Big Sky efficiency numbers over the past few seasons
- Potential breakout sophomores in the Big Sky
- Who is the third best team in the Big Sky?

Please shoot me an email with any thoughts at all, bigskybball AT gmail dot com

Also please follow me on twitter @bigskybball

Hope that you like what you see!! Let me know of any thoughts or comments in the comments or in email. All thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Also, I am getting married on Saturday (wooo!) and taking a honeymoon the week after... meaning this site will not really see updates for a week or so! Just an fyi for everyone that comes to the site and then thinks I never update it :)

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