Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fighting Sioux Nickname Debate Not Yet Dead

It's the story that never goes away. Now the Spirit Lake Tribe is getting into things, not-so-subtly threatening UND.

In a statement released by the Committee for Understanding and Respect, which has been authorized by the Spirit Lake Tribal Council to speak for the tribe on the nickname issue, the committee warned UND, the state board, the NCAA and the Big Sky Conference to stop acting “against our honorable name as given to UND by our ancestors.”


The committee challenged Big Sky Conference commissioner Doug Fullerton, who has declined to become involved in the dispute over the nickname beyond warning that it could jeopardize UND’s entry into the conference next year if it remains unresolved. Fullerton has not responded to two recent letters from the Spirit Lake committee.
Hopefully this story will go away soon. My guess is that is just wishful thinking.

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