Monday, January 7, 2013

Sacramento State Misses 26 Free Throws... and Wins

Southern Utah traveled to Sacramento State on Monday night and the result was... well, ugly. The Hornets won 64-59, but they did it while missing 26 free throws and turning it over 17 times.

A sampling of the stats:

- In the first half, the teams combined for 23 fouls and 20 turnovers.
- By the end of the night, Sacramento State was 29/55 from the free throw line, and Southern Utah was 15/21. There were a total of 76 free throws shot, and 33 turnovers between the teams.
- Three Hornets were in the double digits in free throw attempts, and another player had eight attempts.
- Among some of Sac State's numbers - Dylan Garrity was 10/15 (91% FT shooter coming in) and Mikh McKinney was 7/14 (87%).
- In the final 3:19 of the game, Sacramento State shot 10/24 from the charity stripe.

If you weren't able to watch the game... congratulations. It was ugly, although Coach Katz and the Hornets will take it, as it evens their Big Sky record to 2-2. Southern Utah falls to 3-1.

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  1. Thank God I watched Bama curb stomp ND instead. My monitor would not have survived that game. And yes Jon, of course I blame your jinx for this performance.

  2. Fouls and free throws are a trend with SUU. Seventy six free throws in NAU game. They play a physical style. The refs were not good in this one. Did not let them play. Sac State got a little frustrated and the refs called it even tighter. The Hornets were pretty tired at the end as they pressed pretty much the entire game. Good to get the win before a four game road trip. Keep up the good work Jon.

  3. Can you imagine sitting through this game????????? 55 free throw attempts????? oh ya, buzzcutt and curry were in the house. no wonder. hahaahahahahaha

    1. Who is Buzzcut? I didn't know curry had that reputation has he always?