Monday, January 14, 2013

Weber State Assistant Phil Beckner...

... Had some good works written about him in an article on Grantland.

The article talked about Damian Lillard's passing ability, and it notes that part of that was due to all the work done by him and Beckner while Lillard was at Weber State.

Like any other part of the game, passing needs to be dutifully trained. Especially as a pick-and-roll point guard, Lillard must be equipped with a variety of passes that allow him to find open teammates. Thankfully, that skill was emphasized under the watchful eye of assistant coach Phil Beckner during Lillard’s time at Weber State, and the rookie guard has come into the league more prepared than most to showcase it. Already this year, Lillard has shown off a passing repertoire that’s helped the young Blazer guard keep his team in the thick of the playoff race.

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