Monday, January 14, 2013

Weber State and Montana in Mid-Major Top 25

Good to see both teams crawl into the Mid-Major Top 25.

Weber State is 24th, while Montana is 25th. The Wildcats are 5-0 in Big Sky play (before Monday night), while the Grizzlies are 6-0.

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  1. I enjoy reading through your site, but im starting to get a bit thrown off; seems like you only talk about 2 teams, Weber St. and Montana; which could take away your credibility as a blogger. You cant have your favorites and expect people that read this to respect your opinion. Regardless of what records potray,alot of these teams arent bad teams. One would think these site was called "www.weberst/" Nothing against your work, but looking through your site it seems to only feature these two teams. Just imagine if ESPN only talked about Duke and Indiana, March Madness would mean nothing! Just my thoughts.

  2. Thanks for your input, sorry that you feel that way. You are right that Weber State and Montana get written about the most, but that is an easy reason why - they are the two best teams this year and were the two best teams last year. ESPN doesn't only write about Duke and Indiana, but they sure do write more about those teams that are near the top of the rankings.

    I did want to say I don't really have favorites, other than UND (where I graduated from) I don't have a rooting interest for any of the other teams. Apologies if you feel otherwise, and I will work on making sure that everyone gets as equal representation as possible.

  3. Jon, haters be hatin’. The fact is the BSC is a steaming pile this year. It’s was an embarrassing OOC performance by everyone followed by WSU & UM running away with the conference. Meanwhile everyone else is jumbled up in a massive log jam behind them with no one (up to this point) clearly standing out as the #3 or #4 team in the BSC. About the only thing worth covering has been the breakthrough of new key players and you have covered that well at the beginning of the season. Keep up the good work…and don’t even think about jinxing the Hornets, we have enough problems as it is. ;)

    1. Let's just say... when I make my predictions for tomorrow night's games, you may not want to look at my Sac State/ISU pick for jinx purposes!!