Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Look at North Dakota's Jaron Nash

After last season, Texas Tech forward Jaron Nash transferred to The University of North Dakota so he could be closer to his father, who is suffering from MS. Remarkably, for a reason that certainly only the NCAA knows, he was twice denied his request to get immediate eligibility. Rachel George of the USA Today wrote a really nice article on Nash and his relationship with his father.

While Nash spent his first semester at North Dakota hoping the NCAA would waive a transfer rule that requires him to sit out a year before he can play – his request was denied twice – his grades suffered and in December he was ruled academically ineligible. After transferring from a major program to be closer to home, the weight of his father's illness wore on him.

"When I found out I wouldn't be able to play (because of the NCAA's rulings on the waiver), it kind of took a toll on me," Jaron says.

Molded by those old VHS tapes of his father's college days and a group of friends, men Jerry trusted to teach his son what he could not, Jaron grew into a lithe 6-8 forward with ball-handling skills. They helped him follow in his father's footsteps to earn a Division I scholarship.

Jaron says he is on track to be eligible for his senior season and is focused on his last chance to play in front of his father. For Jaron, it has been a difficult year – he's had to learn to fight like Jerry.

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