Monday, February 18, 2013

ESPN Article on Will Cherry

Last week, Myron Medcalf of ESPN wrote a nice article on Montana guard Will Cherry, and battling through adversity of an injury this offseason.

Frustration and concerns about his future had replaced his typically vibrant demeanor because he had no promises that he would regain his former on-court swagger. "Those two or three months were probably the two or three hardest months of my life," he said. "I've never had to deal with adversity like that. I probably cried about [it] twice just thinking about what I could lose."

On those nights, he called Yvette Martin.

Like any good mother, she soothed the pain. But she also preached the message she'd reiterated since Cherry was a boy: Fight for what you want.

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  1. Who knew espn was still capable of good journalism? I'm impressed.