Friday, February 22, 2013

Should Tyler Geving Get a Contract Extension?

Greg Crawford, for one, thinks so:

Take all this into consideration and perhaps you might agree, why Geving should get a long term extension. In his second year on the job, of a four year deal after replacing Ken Bone who departed for Washington State, Portland State's men's basketball program was placed on APR (Academic Progress Rating) for some of the lowest scores in the country. The terms dealt a severe blow to Portland State basketball. Loss of scholarships, loss of practice time and no post-season for that one year period. At the time, I was telling people, that Portland State basketball would take five years to recover. Many laughed, they are not laughing now. Geving has turned the academic side around, something he inherited and not on his watch, to the point that Portland State now gets perfect APR scores.
What are everyone else's thoughts?

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  1. Whoever this guy is, he has no clue.

  2. when does his contract end?? it all comes down to winning much is forgiven and problems tend to be minimized when you win, the opposite is true when you lose they are losing bad