Monday, February 18, 2013

Weber State Leads The Country in FG Percentage

Weber State has been good offensively this year, we know. But as it turns out, nobody in America is shooting the ball as well as them.

They currently (as of Monday night) lead the country in field goal percentage at 51.3%. They are third in the country in three-point percentage, sitting at 42.3% (Creighton leads the country at 42.9%). That is impressive.

Obviously, a lot of guys contribute to this. Frank Otis shoots 68.8% from the field, which is second in the country. Among their normal rotation of nine guys, all but two of them shoot better than 50% on twos. The two that don't are Scott Bamforth (who makes up for it by shooting 42% on threes and 91% from the line) and James Hajek, their least used offensive player.

The Wildcats are dangerous.

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