Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Bobcat Recruiting Target

From the zen of all things Bobcat athletics, mslacat:

I have heard from a couple sources that the Bobcats had a couple recruits in this past week end (September 16-17). One of them was Jake Belford of Battleground high school in the state of Washington. Belford is a 6-9 center forward who seems to have gone on a growth spurt as of ate. As a sophomore he was listed at 6-5, junior 6-7 and over the summer he has been consistently listed at 6-9.
One of the places he no doubt saw it was Sea Town Sports, which tweeted the news on the 16th.

Kevin Cacabelos from Sea Town Sports also noted that C Ty Egbert will be visiting Montana State on October 1st-2nd.

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