Thursday, September 22, 2011

Portland vs. Portland State

Craw's Corner has an excellent article on why a Portland vs. Portland State game (or two) needs to happen every year. This is the most telling part, in my opinion:

Even worse, here are some schools which the teams have on their schedule this year at home. Portland has both Concordia of Oregon and Concordia of California, plus they are playing Lewis and Clark, which by the way is 30 minutes from the Pilot campus. Portland State has Walla Walla College and Linfield. Out of respect, it is tough for each school to schedule and actually they do as good as possible, as basketball scheduling is becoming increasingly tough for all D-1 schools.
It would be a great intra-city rivalry... hopefully the two schools decide to get it done in the future.

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  1. Does Portland have a mid-sized arena which would work as a neutral site for this game? PSU's gym isn't great, while Portland's is pretty nice. The Rose Garden would be way too big, and Memorial Coliseum seats about 12,000, if memory serves me right.

    I never understand why schools who are close geographically decide not to play each other regularly. It helps with your scheduling problems, and you have potential to build a rivalry - and ticket sales.