Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chehales Centurion Tapscott Is The Best Name In College Basketball

Before the season began, Chehales Tapscott of Portland State was named to the "B.I.A.H Namesmith Award Watch List."

And that was before we knew his middle name.

He revealed during a Q&A with Jon Kasper of the Big Sky Conference that his middle name is Centurion.

Q: Tell us about your first name. We have never heard of anyone else named Chehales (pronounced shuh-HAY-less).
A: I’m just special, ha ha. My father is the architect behind my name; he was a high ranked Vietnam veteran soldier that believed one day I would follow in his footsteps. My first and middle name (Centurion) mean, “leader of the sand warriors.” My father did predict that at this time in my life the military would be fighting in a war in the sand.
Chehales Centurion Tapscott. That has to be one of the best names in America.

Of course, the best part is that he is one heck of a player on the court. He is an undersized but athletic four man, and he is a man that fills the stat sheet. He is currently seventh in the Big Sky in scoring (14 PPG), first in rebounding (9.3), first in blocks (1.9), second in steals (1.9 - trailing only Will Cherry, only one of the best perimeter defenders in America), and fifth in FG percentage (54.5%).

Tapscott will be a first-team Big Sky player, and we will miss him after this season.

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