Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nice Article on Art Steward

Bob Meseroll of The Missoulian has a nice profile of Montana senior forward Art Steward. He gives a nice background on Steward and how he came to be at Montana.

He took visits to Utah State and Weber State, but Montana assistants Andy Hill and Bill Evans steered Steward toward the Griz.

"I feel like I made a great decision," Steward said, "with how Montana fit my game and the people I surrounded myself with by being a Grizzly. And the coaching style up here was perfect for me. My game is mostly defense and I feel like when you get a good defense going you get a good offense going. That's what the Grizzlies build their program on, so that's No. 1, and we kind of play fast speed, getting up and down the floor. We can pull it out and play halfcourt, but I like the run and gun."
Check it out, Bob is one of the best beat writers out there and has a great pulse on the Grizzlies program.

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