Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thoughts at Haltime from Northern Colorado

After one half of play in Greeley, Montana holds a slim 36-35 advantage over Northern Colorado. Some quick thoughts on what has transpired.

- Montana got off to a blistering start, as they got five threes from four different people within the first four minutes. They were firing on all cylinders, but cooled off as the half went on. They had 25 points at the 12 minute mark of the half, but scored just three points over the next ten minutes.

- Montana started off in a 2-3 zone which was a bit interesting.

- I know Derek Selvig has a tendency to sometimes drive Grizzlies fans' mad, but he is an excellent passer and fun to watch. It is sometimes said that Selvig is a very good passer for a big man. That is only partially true. He is a very good passer for any size. He's got six points, four assists, and three rebounds in the first half, and has created some easy baskets for his teammates.

- Montana likes to post up Kareem Jamar on smaller guards, and usually something good happens because of it. However, he has played just nine minutes, because he picked up his second foul midway through the first half.

- Will Cherry can get anywhere on the court for the most part. For all of the good of Tevin Svihovec's game (and there is a lot of good), he does not have the athleticism to defend quick guards. Cherry has 12 in the first half, but has cooled off after hitting two threes in the early minutes.

- Tate Unruh has been stroking it, he is 3/5 from downtown and has 11 points.

- Mike Proctor was instrumental late in the first half, scoring in a variety of ways. His offensive skill set today has been a little better than I thought he had, I must admit. He also has 11 points for the Bears.

- Simply put, if Montana has an undoing, it will be their depth. There is a big gap between their starters and their bench. Shawn Stockton has played ten minutes, but the athleticism dropoff from Cherry/Jamar to him is substantial. Kevin Henderson gave them a few solid minutes, but you can tell he is a freshman. He looked pretty tentative, and forced a couple shots (one went in). They will need something in the second half.

Just minutes away from the start of what should be an excellent second half!

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