Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Idaho State Searching For Answers

There was an article in the Magic Valley Times-News about Idaho State, and how they are searching for answers as conference play begins. There was a curious quote from interim head coach Deane Martin about them team:

The Bengals (2-9) head into Big Sky Conference play searching for answers, and they simply may not be coming. New interim head coach Deane Martin was frank when assessing his team's potential with con-ference play on the horizon.

"This isn't the NBA, it's not like we can go out and make trades," he said.
This is not exactly the ringing endorsement you would expect to hear from a coach. Obviously the team knows they are 2-9 and struggling, but the one thing you would expect to hear is confidence from your coach.

I have no idea Martin's coaching style, or too much about him, so it's certainly not fair for me to read too much from a couple of quotes in an article, but if I was a player I would want to see a little more optimism. On the other hand, maybe Martin is just realistic.

Many thanks to a commenter for pointing out this article!

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  1. The other intersting item I found interesting is where it said O'Brien's style wore thin with players over time. I know some make the argument that players knew what they were getting into when they signed, but in some cases, this was their ONLY division I offer. They didn't have much of a choice, if they wanted to play this level of ball. The other side of that is that there are many players who simply won't sign to play for somebody who screams and gets in your face, and I think that showed with the dismal recruiting as time went on.

    The positive is that there should be enough roster spots available next season for a new coach to be more competitive than this year.