Monday, December 26, 2011

My Big Sky Check-In

Forgot to post this before Christmas, but here is my pre-Christmas check-in on the Big Sky Conference, posted over at Rush The Court.

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  1. Happy Holidays Jon, & appreciate very much, your blog.

    First off I don't think you've been around big sky long enough to realize Geving is a terrible coach. Two yrs ago he had Waters, Jones, Thomas (NFL now), Nelson before fat & injured & a deep bench. They barely placed 6th, but they did advance to the Semi's with Weber in what ended up being a really fun, chippy game in the bsc tourney. I still think it shakes like this:
    MSU ( only psu makes the tourney is if MSU just blows it ).

  2. Appreciate the comment but I think you are off on a few things. One, I agree that Geving has yet to prove himself, but I think PSU's offensive talent is good enough for them to be top 4. Tapscott/Lozeau/Parker will be very tough for any Big Sky team to handle.

    NAU I think you are overrating quite a bit. They got a nice spark from the coaching change but there are a still a lot of problems on that roster.

    I will have more in a post shortly, within the hour with my rankings for the how I think things will finish... would love to hear your thoughts after I give a little bit more of mine!

    Thanks for the comment!!