Friday, December 16, 2011

Tweets From Californa/Weber State

I watched the game between California and Weber State on Friday night, and it was sad. The Wildcats simply could not get it going (other than for a few minutes at the beginning of the second half), and they could not slow down the Bears either. It was a poor showing from the best team in the Big Sky.

Further, Damian Lillard struggled with one of the worst games in his career. He pressed a bit, and he was shut down by Jorge Gutierrez, and elite defender for the Bears.

Anyway, instead of writing a recap, let me just paste tweets I made throughout the game. It was a depressing game to watch, and there is no need to further prolong the torture by writing a recap in addition to the tweeting. Without further ado, from @bigskybball:


- Cal 18, Weber State 9 early on... Fulton hit a big 3, Wildcats will need lots of balance to hang in this game

- Lillard forces a 3... might be a little tight, over 100 friends and family in the stands

- Fulton loves that fadeaway in the post, but needs to learn to take it strong to the hoop. Not a very effective move for him

- Bamforth with a rare missed FT, fitting end to the first half. Bears lead Weber State 32-18 at the half @WeberHoops

- [Tweet from Roy Burton) @WeberState is 6-for-35 from the field in first half (17.1 percent). Lillard, nation's leading scorer, is 1-10, 0-5 from 3pt range. 4 pts

- Bamforth with another 3! 6 3s in the 2nd half for WSU, keeping them with a beating pulse #BigSkyMBB

- Lillard has carried Weber State all year, but he is off tonight while Bamforth/Fulton keeping them in it offensively #BigSkyMBB

- Weber State really missing Otis and Bullinger, they are the 2 best rebounders for @WeberStateMBB #BigSkyMBB

- Not a night Damian Lillard will remember fondly. To say J Gutierrez has outplayed him would be too kind of a way to put it

- Plays like that rebound, coast-to-coast transition layup in traffic show how good Lillard is (even if it was a foul before the basket)

- When his shot is falling, nobody has a shot that looks better than Scott Bamforth #BigSkyMBB

- (Tweet from Weber State) Final score - California 77, Weber State 57. Scott Bamforth leads the 'Cats with 19 points. Byron Fulton adds a season-high 13 points.


All in all, a night Weber State and the rest of the Big Sky will try to forget...

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