Monday, December 12, 2011

Who Has Been The Best Freshman In The Big Sky?

It is hard to be a freshman and be a huge contributor in the Big Sky, and we are seeing that this season. We have seen some nice performances by guys, but we have seen a lot of up and down play from the freshmen. So, the race for Freshman of the Year is still very wide open right now, and anyone can jump in and steal it.

But without further ado, here are my top 5 freshmen in the Big Sky, to be updated semi-regularly for the rest of the season.

1. Dylan Garrity (Sacramento State) - 5.6 PPG, 2.9 RPG, 6.1 APG, 86.1 ORtg
No freshman has been asked to do as much for his team as Garrity, who has been the primary ballhandler for the Hornets from the opening tip. He has struggled mightily with his shot and his assists numbers have gone down a bit in recent weeks, but he played 86% of the team's minutes. His assist rate is 44th in the country, and if he goes down, they don't have anyone else behind him.

2. James Douglas (Northern Arizona) - 12.4 PPG, 2.3 RPG, 2.5 APG, 90.9 ORtg
It is hard to choose between Garrity and Douglas, because he has meant similar things to the NAU offense. He is leading the team in scoring, and has had to handle the ball a lot of the time also. He needs to be a little more selective with his shots, but that will come with time.

3. Gaellen Bewernick (Northern Arizona) - 5.8 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 116.3 ORtg, 9.5 OR%, 18.3 DR%
Bewernick's raw stats don't look great, but he has been an extremely efficient player. He is scoring at a nice clip, and he is becoming an excellent rebounder even though he is only 6'6''. His excellent block and steal rates suggests he is a bit of a poor man's Chehales Tapscott, and that is a compliment. Tapscott is a first-teamer and Bewernick looks to have that potential for the Lumberjacks down the road.

4. Tim Huskisson (Northern Colorado) - 7.8 PPG, 3.1 RPG, 1.1 APG, 118.7 ORtg
Huskisson is another guy that has been extremely efficient though he is not playing a ton of minutes. He has been excellent offensively in what he has been asked to do, as he is taking high quality shots and making them. Defensively, he is very athletic, which also helps him be a solid rebounder. He has a bright future in Greeley.

5. Gary Winston (Portland State) - 7.0 PPG, 2.2 RPG, 1.3 APG, 103.8 ORtg
Winston has been a nice spark for the Vikings, as he has been a solid outside shooter on a team that doesn't have a lot of them. He will continue to get extra minutes if he can keep playing well, as the team can't be too pleased with the play of Lateef McMullan. He will have a big role in the future of Tyler Geving's program.

Also Received Consideration: Tevin Svihovec (Northern Colorado), Colin Gruber (Northern Arizona), Billy Reader (Montana), Garrett Swanson (Idaho State)

Anyone else you think deserves some considerations?

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  1. It is great to see all of these Freshmen contributing. We saw Garrett Swanson play against Montana State a few days ago he was fun to watch with 11 points and some blocked shots. He looks like a promising young player, a true Freshman with a good shot.