Thursday, December 15, 2011

Northern Colorado/Denver Recap

Excellent stuff from Brendan Loy of Mile High Mids with his writeup for The Mid-Majority 800 Games Project, who wrote about Northern Colorado's tight loss to Denver on Wednesday night.

This game, though, was a Tale of Two Halves -- and I showed up at just the right time. (Or perhaps, as I suggested via Twitter, either I or my companions were good-luck charms.) While I was walking to my seat, Brian Stafford hit a #superhoop to cut the lead to 31-29. As I was sitting down, Rob Lewis hit another to make it 32-31 -- Denver's first lead of the night. Northern Colorado would never lead again.
Give it a read, Mr. Loy is always a great spot to go for good, entertaining writing (even if he is an attorney...)

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