Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Northern Arizona Scores 40 Points In Loss To Pepperdine

... And it was only their second lowest scoring output of the season.

Ladies and gentleman, your 2011 Northern Arizona Lumberjacks!

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  1. Let me shine up this turd just a bit. The Lumberjacks had been averaging over 20 turnovers up til two games ago. They had single digit t.o.'s in the last two games vs. U of Arizona and Pepperdine. NAU's defense has been better after implementing their new "stuck in a tar pit" offense/gameplan. All the freshmen and transfers getting an abundance of minutes will pay off down the road. As painful as it is there are some positives. Back to reality....this team shoots worse than any NAU team I can remember since Howland and Adras have coached in Flagstaff. Just plain bad. But still...I continue to follow NAU hoops. - MTJack

  2. No doubt MT. They have been slowing the game down and that is a big reason for the lower scoring games (reflected in the opponents low scoring too). And yes, they are extremely young, so this will pay off. Douglas-Gruber-Cheek is going to be a nice foundation for them to build on.

    But this season will be a bit longer than I think anyone expected. Their offense has been simply dreadful (looking deeper into the stats, their offensive efficiency is really bad), and the defense certainly isn't anything to hang their hat on. I think Adras needs to get some bigs in there, certainly the roster configuration is not ideal.

    Long run, obviously they will be fine. One bad year is certainly just a blip on Adras' stellar career. But this season could see them in the Big Sky basement.