Monday, December 5, 2011

Twists And Turns Of The Craig Ehlo Story

Yesterday, I posted a link to an article about Eastern Washington Assistant Craig Ehlo and how he had moved on to take an assistant coaching job with the Cleveland Cavaliers. I didn't expect it to get a lot of attention, but it turned into the most spirited debate (in the comments section) that this blog has ever seen.

It seemed like a straightforward story, with a guy leaving to go to another job. However, things have gotten complicated. A report came out earlier today that Ehlo actually did not get the job, and he would not be leaving Eastern Washington.

Ehlo, a former Cleveland Cavalier, took an assistant coach position with the Eagles during the offseason – his first college coaching job. He interviewed for the job in Cleveland, and several sources believed over the weekend he would be offered the job.

That turned out not to be the case.
There were some rumors around that there was some confusion on whether he would return to staff or not.

However, I talked to Coach Hayford this evening and was told this was the story:

- Before he interviewed for the job, Craig Ehlo asked Coach Hayford for his permission to interview, and it was granted.
- Ehlo thought that he had the job, and was told today that he did not get it.
- Coach Hayford told me that Ehlo would remain on staff, for all the reasons that he was hired in the first place.

Many thanks to Coach Hayford for his clarification.

As to my post yesterday, a couple quick comments:
- I still maintain that it would have been a bush league move IF Ehlo had not gotten permission to interview for the job.
- Since he did get permission, I owe Ehlo an apology, as I jumped the gun in my statement. It seems like Ehlo went about everything the right way, and the job just fell through.

In the end, it is much ado about nothing. Ehlo will remain on staff, and it should be business as usual for Eastern Washington.

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