Friday, January 6, 2012

Collin Chiverton Playing With Two Fractures In His Foot

I spoke with Coach Jim Hayford of Eastern Washington tonight, and he confirmed to me that Collin Chiverton is currently playing with two fractures in his foot.

This summer, Chiverton had a break in his foot, and he had surgery to insert a screw. He was not cleared to practice until November 1st, and Hayford said that if Chiverton had not used his redshirt year (which he used his freshman year at St. Mary's), they likely would have redshirted him this season.

Then, sometime between Christmas and New Year's, he got another small hairline fracture in his foot. The doctors did clear him to play, but he is definitely playing hurt. Coach Hayford says Chiverton is giving it everything he has every day, but it is clearly having a dramatic effect on how he plays. As long as the doctors continue to say that it is safe for him to play, he will continue playing. Doctors are checking the foot every 2-3 days.

According to Coach Hayford, they are doing all they can to give him as much rest as possible, but "Every day, whether practice of game, is a day-to-day decision on whether he can play."

Chiverton told me about a week ago that he hasn't been playing 100% all year long, but his injury was not confirmed until now.

One thing is for sure, there is no questioning Chiverton's toughness after this.

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