Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Montana State Roster Updates

Over at the Montana State message board, Gidal Kaiser gave a couple of updates on Montana State guys, including Jamie Stewart:

According to Brad Huse, Jamie Stewart "is not currently a part of the team." He would not elaborate. I asked if Antonio Biglow was going to be here at the start of the semester (Wednesday) and I was told "I can't tell you yes or no." ... Since this morning's presser, I saw Stewart walk into the weight room in street clothes to say hi to a couple people, then leave with a pile of books. He obviously did not practice. I have been told that Biglow will be here on the 10th & he and Huse will sit down and discuss future plans.
UPDATE: Stewart is off the official roster as of today. If it matters, Jeremiah Tardy (a walk-on) is off the official roster as well.
Hopefully Biglow will be open to a redshirt... certainly he could help the Montana State program right now, but he would be a real force for the Bobcats if he played the full two years. We will see what happens.

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