Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Big Sky TV Deal Questions Answered

There have been a lot of questions asked about this new deal with Root Sports, and Jon Kasper of the Big Sky Conference set out to answer some of them on the Big Sky Conference blog. Perhaps the best news is this:

Q: What is the future of Big Sky TV?
A: Big Sky TV will continue. In fact, with the addition of Southern Utah, North Dakota, and Cal Poly and UC Davis for football, we'll bring you more games than ever in 2012-13. The games that ROOT chooses to televise, however, will not be part of the Big Sky TV package. ROOT may opt to video stream those games, or may not. We are also working with America One, our Big Sky TV provider, on mobile applications starting in 2012. Most conferences and universities charge to view games on the Internet. The Big Sky package has been FREE for the past four seasons, and will likely continue to be free.
One question that I didn't see answered in the article, but I have been asked... is that the Altitude package will not continue after this season.

What does everyone think of the deal? Big deal, or no big deal?

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  1. I think that this is good for the conference. Roots sports (the old Fox Sports Rocky Mountain)is on more cable packages than was Altitude. For example, the cable company in Pocatello never bothered to put on Altitude even though ISU was on there from time to time. The Big Sky can fill a nice niche in the west in terms of football with the near demise of the WAC and the weakening of the MWC. Thus, some better TV coverage can only help.