Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jim Hayford Reads KenPom

Just thought this would be interesting to note!

In talking to Eastern Washington Coach Jim Hayford on Saturday after the UNC/EWU game, he let out that he is a reader of Ken Pomeroy's site. As readers of this site hopefully know, I am a big fan of Pomeroy, and think his site is a must-read and must-subscribe for all college basketball fans.

I love hearing about coaches using sites like this, because it means they are open to using all the resources available to them. The most famous is perhaps Brad Stevens, who has used all of the resources available to him to go to two straight national championship games. If Hayford (and other coaches) are open minded about using all data points to make their team better, good things should follow.

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  1. Utah St isn't a better team than Weber, as Pomeroy's rankings suggest.

  2. Agreed with that... but KenPom is interesting for learning team's tendencies, and player's (and team's efficiencies)... there is a ton of awesome data out there. I tend not to look at who is rated higher than who, but just look at it on a micro level, and for that, there is nothing like it out there.