Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Damian Lillard Moving Up Weber State Record Books

From Weber Hoops:

Lillard has the 6th most career points in Weber history at 1,545. He is nine points away from moving past Jimmy Watts (1,553) and 10 more points beyond that would move him past #4 Willie Sojourner's 1,563 points (#22 Big Sky). Jermaine Boyette has 1,613 points (#17 Big Sky) at #3 and Jimmy DeGraffenried's 1,624 points (#15 Big Sky) took 4 years to obtain. The school record is Bruce Collins' 2,019 points (#2 Big Sky) which also took four years.
Lots of good stuff in there, including records Lillard is chasing and rankings for Weber State.

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