Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another Article on the Preseason Conference Call

I wrote about the preseason coaches conference call earlier this week, but other writers had their takes (or their teams look at things) as well. A couple of note:

- The Standard Examiner talked about how all Big Sky coaches were high on Weber State this year, as they were essentially the unanimous number one in the polls.

OGDEN -- When you're the unanimous choice for first place in the Big Sky Conference's preseason coaches poll, there is no wondering who voted for you.

On a teleconference call Thursday to discuss the upcoming season, none of the Big Sky coaches expressed any doubts about making Weber State the consensus favorite to win it all.
The Wildcats got a ton of respect around the League, and it is clear that it would be an upset to everyone if someone else wins the regular season title. The Wildcats (on paper) are the most talented and deepest team in the Big Sky.

If you have any more articles on the call, please send them my way so I can get a link up to them

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