Monday, November 14, 2011

An Oklahoma Article on the Idaho State Game

Moving Without The Ball, who I had an interview with last week, posted an excellent recap on the Idaho State/Oklahoma game from Friday night. As you would expect, it is more thorough on Oklahoma coverage, but he has some nice stuff on the Bengals.

The two impact transfers into the Bengals' program this season--Melvin Morgan and Jakub Kusmieruk--had a lot of variation in their opening games. Morgan, like Sam Grooms, is a JUCO point. Like Grooms, he's fast; unlike Grooms, he played too fast at times. Kusmieruk, at the other end of the height scale, showed a raw offensive game but was not hopeless, though he did shoot perhaps the ugliest turnaround jumper I've ever witnessed. The Bengals' best player was Chase Grabau (10/8/9). He did a particularly good job breaking the press, refusing to be driven to the baseline, keeping his dribble alive and keeping the ball in the middle.
Definitely worth a read.

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