Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Montana Escapes With 60-59 Win Over Great Falls

Didn't watch the game and don't have time to go deep into it, but it is not a good sign for Montana that they narrowly beat Great Falls 60-59 at home.

From reports, Griz led by 11 at halftime and as much as 15 in the second half, but Great Falls came back to take a three point lead with 6:49 to play. It should be a good learning experience for the Griz. Kareem Jamar led the team with 14 and 14, and Billy Reader also had a nice game.

Montana fans, what happened?

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  1. You think the Grizz are trying to find a rhythm without Selvig; I know he is such a big part of the offense. He is a complete mismatch for any team. Do we have a time table on his return?

  2. When he was first hurt I heard 2-4 weeks... my guess is that it won't be too much longer.

  3. Montana just seems like a different team without him. Lack of an inside presence, even if he plays away from the hoop, he is a big body. I'm looking forward to match-up tomorrow vs the Vandals. Kyle Barone for Idaho is a big dude that can score and dominate the inside; interesting how Montana will try to match-up. I do think the Grizz have a better backcourt, especially Cherry. Last year the Grizz won 75-33!!!! I see and expect a much closer/competitive game. Hope Montana pulls it out. Will be watching for sure.